5 best WordPress Cache Plugins of 2019 (Pros and Cons)

Best WordPress Cache plugins

One picture (or meme, more appropriately) sums up everything about WordPress Cache plugins and why the heck does everyone go...

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7 Fastest WordPress Themes (Pros and Cons) 2019


How mind-boggling can choosing a great WordPress theme be? There are so many many many pretty ones out...

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How to move from keyword research to intent research


Have you ever seen the job description of a content strategist? Lemme show you one spectacular example by Verizon. (hint:...

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Everything you EVER wanted to know about call to actions!

Alarm clocks. That’s what this post is all about. Just that in marketing, the term used instead of “alarm clocks”...

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How to use psychographics and improve targeting audience


How many kinds of graphics have you heard of? Demographics, infographics, normal graphics, graphs too probably… And I bet you didn’t...

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