Best Time To Post On Social Media

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In today’s competitive era, everyone is trying to get noticed and increase their customers.
Everyone tries to increase their awareness more and more through social media as social media platforms help businesses to spread awareness and have a better number of target audience.

But, just posting on social media won’t get you all the attention and traffic you want.
Because customers are diversified... so are their countries and time zones. To get more and more attention, you need to focus on the time you are posting your content to increase engagement.

But, then again, what’s the best time, and on which platform?

Different platforms have different perfect posting times! Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn! Every platform works in its own mysterious ways 😉

Seems like a mystery to solve right?

Huh! Solved already!

But there is no right solution or one solution for every type of business. You need to factor in different time zones, the nature and size of your business, and of course, keep in mind that each social network is different.

We at Wpmail, have researched and made this blog post to help you  find out the perfect posting time on different platforms! 

Till you reach the end of this, you will know, what times will make you last more in your customers time! When you should post and grab all that attention!

Best Time To Post On Social Media Platforms

Best Tim​​​​e To Post On Instagram

Almost everyone scrolls Instagram through their mobile phones, which makes it consistent all through the week and more on weekends.  And As all the traffic comes from mobile devices, you can check off all the work hours, as people usually don’t spend much time on mobile phones during their office hours.

The time which seems best while posting on Instagram is between 8-9 am in the morning and as well as between 12-1 pm in the weekdays. As people tend to go through Instagram, as soon as they wake up and also the traffic is more during the lunch hours!

If your company focuses on B2B than weekday strategy is best for you.

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But if your company focuses on B2C, then you can post between 7-9 pm also in weekdays and several times during the weekends.

Most importantly the time you should avoid posting is 3-4 pm. Never ever post between that time, as mostly everyone is off Instagram at that point of time, as its the busiest hour of the day.

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Best Time To Post On Facebook

Facebook has the maximum number of users among all the platforms, and its both desktop and mobile traffic on Facebook. Though the number of mobile users is increasing at a rapid rate.

You will find people of all age, demographics on Facebook, which provides it a vast network.

The best time to gain more attention for B2C on Facebook is between 9-10 am, 12-3 pm, and 4-5 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, and between 9-10 am, 1-4 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Lunch hours are the hours when almost everyone is on social media networks.

We have noticed an 18% more engagement on Thursdays and Fridays, between 1-4 pm.

For weekends the best time is between 12-1 pm and 4-5 pm.

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For B2B the best time to post your content is 9 am and 3-4 pm on all weekdays.

But the time with the least amount of engagement, that you should always avoid is between 8 pm and 8 am on weekends as not many people use Facebook at night during the weekends.

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Best Time To Post On Twitter

Twitter is one platform where traffic is more during the working hours. As you know Twitter is more focused as a professional and news related as well as trendy social media platform! And people use Twitter as their digital newspaper to read in between breaks and downtime in the office. More like an RSS feed. And Twitter has both desktop and mobile traffic.

Did you know people tweet 58 percent more during their working hours?

Best time to tweet for B2B are 7 am -8 am, 12-3 pm, and 5 pm on Monday- Friday. 

The peak time is 3 pm, that’s when the traffic is the most.

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Best time to tweet for B2C is before 9 am and noon and also after 5 pm during the week.

Well, the time you shouldn’t post is after 9 pm and before 7 am. That is the worst time to post on Twitter.

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Best Time To Post On LinkedIn

As LinkedIn is a professional network and working people and organizations prefer LinkedIn for employment opportunities as well as business updates, So that’s why more and more people post during working hours.

And 57 percent of all traffic comes via mobile, just like Instagram and Facebook.

The best time to get more traffic and click throughs on LinkedIn for B2B the best time to post is 8 am and between 10 am-12 am and after 6 pm, during the weekdays, but mostly during Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

The best time to get more traffic and click throughs on LinkedIn for B2C is around noon and 6 pm during the whole week.

The worst time to post on LinkedIn is after 9 pm and before 6 am, throughout the week.
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This is our analysis, you can also analyze what time suits your audience the best by analyzing data through Facebook insights or any other tools.

To find out the best time to post on social media, focus on the insights, that when you get most interaction. The best interaction is in after 30 minutes of the post, that will provide you the best of results.

Do let us know if this was helpful to grow your business or not. And let us know more about how you garnered attention from your target audience.

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