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Stuck in the rich blog bog?

We can help you out of this mess!

"The blog is an extension of your brand, and you don't want potential customers disregarding your product or service because of what muddy content and careless mistakes can say about your company's focus and attention to detail."

Scott Greggory, member of Forbes Agency Council 2018

is investing in blogs worth it?  

Well, considering the fact that blogging more than 11 times per month quadruples the quantity of leads, we'd say, YES! It surely gives thrice the amount of leads generated through paid search...


Who are we?

We are Wpmail. We have helped over 100 startups globally to become self-sufficient, and employing even more. We know it’s damn tough to be the sole person in your startup (most probably in your garage) trying to do all the roles of many department any company has. That is why the world needed someone like us. Like Wpmail

We provide extremely affordable services and care for you, your business and our relationship as if you are one of us.

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"Mutually beneficial relationship"

Working with Wpmail was a pleasure... We are a very time management focused company and hence, getting prompt responses with top-class content developed by Wpmail has been a great experience. Looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with them, again.

- Lora Hopkins

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One of the many services we provide is blog copywriting, and right now, you are looking for one.

Before we start the serious discussion of how we give you the best money-saver pack for blogs, let's talk about Walmart.

What is Walmart to you?

What is Walmart to you? An extremely reliable and affordable company who makes your life so much better by saving money. Their blogs are a state of art source of inspiration for Wpmail. With every single blog post, Walmart never fails to integrate the :

  • High quality of content (is it natural to read? Does it sound just like a friend you met in the pub?)
  • Emotional engagement (does it bring our better emotions to surface? Can you feel every word Walmart says?
  • Consistent and persistent publishing of content (do they ever forget to publish anything anyday? It feels reliable and genuine, doesn’t it?)
  • check
    Company’s objectives, mission and vision (do they subtly highlight the company culture? Yes they do! All stories are real-life examples of their employees! How humane is that!)

This is what we do for you too. At just (Originally $49.99)$19.99 per 500 words.

Let us show you how exactly do we work WITH you than FOR you.

As soon as you give us the topic of your blog post, we follow the cardinal rules of copywriting:


Research and research more

You’re probably thinking of white coat lab docs when you hear the word “research”. But our first step is very much like any other lab coat – serious and full of dedication.

We start digging into your industry. Your brand persona. Your startup and business’s motive, objectives, goals and vision. We get the whole essence of why your business is unique. We seek its identity.

That’s not it. We also dig into your customer’s mindset. We find out who is the ideal customer and wonder what makes him tick. We blog writers become Sherlock Holmes of research and don’t stop until we can visualize every needs and wants of your ideal customer.


Craft a headline

You read newspapers, don’t you? Online blogs, magazines and much more. What is it that every perfectly crafted write up consists of? The Headline. 

You may think : Pshaw! Headline Shedline! That’s a moment’s notice work.

Nope. You are wrong. Crafting a beautiful headline needs to be:

  • 1
    Compact . Maximum 10 words.
  • 2
    Eye-catchy. It must grab your attention.
  • 3
    Condensed. The whole story must be summarized in few words.
  • 4
    And finally, make your curiosity bubble and click on “Read More..” button.

Yes, we can perform this feat for you.

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"Relentless service"

Being in the business for client servicing we need to develop too much content too quickly, Wpmail has always been there to deliver their services and has always won us over. Thank you Wpmail for your relentless services.

- Stephen Gregory.


Start writing

Now we are ready to write. After extensive research of you and your customer, we start writing the copy (finally!). And not just write- to write it with emotions. 

We feel every word we write, and our goal is to make the reader feel every word as well. We make them feel rather than see each word.

We always look up to Walmart’s blogs for inspiration.And we aspire to provide you such high quality blogs as well.

"We feel every word we write, and our goal is to make the reader feel every word as well. We make them feel rather than see each word."



Our work is not over yet. 

Now it’s time to find appropriate royalty free images and videos for your blog. We focus of providing images which highlight the human aspect.

If we find no suitable image, our photoshop specialist does it for you.

We always mention sources of images taken from particular sites.


Make your write up SEO friendly

This is what no other copywriting agency would do for you at just $19.99. 

We make your blog post pretty and readable. We include internal links to your other blog articles so that your SEO becomes stronger.

We include external links to other authoritative sources so that your website’s visibility increases.

If you can find any other blog copywriting service which would provide this much value, care to each of your blog post at just $19.99 per 500 words, let us know.

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"I recommend it!"

The best part was that Wpmail had great experience in handling clients from various industry backgrounds. I have recommended Wpmail to several of my clients and my, my! Were they impressed!!

- Zara Hussain

Why must you choose us?
you must choose us because:

No other blog copywriter would take so much effort and dedication in writing your blog posts. When we say we care for you, we truly do.

We always deliver on time i.e, within 2-3 business days.

We charge just $19.99 for ALL this --> headline, body copy, images and videos PLUS SEO-optimized copy. That’s less than your weekly grocery expenses.

We do not charge extra for so-called premium content for the same number of words.

We give a maximum of 2 revisions for every write up you order at no extra cost.


This great value-for-money pack is will be valid for only a few hours.

500 words $49.99 $19.99

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    ​1 revision
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    SEO optimized content
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    Delivery in 2-3 days 

1000 words $99.99 $39.99

  • check-circle-o
    ​2 revisions
  • check-circle-o
    SEO optimized content
  • check-circle-o
    Delivery in 2-3 days

1500 words $149.99 $59.99

  • check-circle-o
    ​2 revisions
  • check-circle-o
    SEO optimized content
  • check-circle-o
    Delivery in 3-4 days

Grab your chance to quadruple your leads at just $19.99 - limited time!

P.S. - If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $19.99, you get to quadruple your leads by having your blogs written by us. 

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