7 Fastest WordPress Themes (Pros and Cons) 2019


How mind-boggling can choosing a great WordPress theme be? There are so many options...so many features...so many pretty ones out there that you end up choosing 34987 fastest wanted WordPress themes.

Which theme to choose?!

Trust me, we've all been there. Me, for example - you think choosing only 7 best fastest WordPress themes was easy?!

No matter which theme you end up choosing, speed is an important consideration to make.

Today you are gonna see the 7 best WordPress themes ever made till now.

I am going to show you 7 themes which, literally any business, can use in 2019.

7 Fastest WordPress themes

multipurpose wordpress themes

I have sorted this list based on speed performance. The pingdom test is run on live sites so that you will know what to expect. And since there is nothing like a perfect page speed and page size, some exceptions have been made.

All the themes I’m gonna share with you can be purchased right away.

Before I start, I’ll answer one common question – Why buy themes when you have free ones?

Premium vs Free themes

Free themes usually have limited functionalities and features. It also means that if a bug arises, you’re pretty much on your own.

premium vs free wordpress themes

Instead, when you buy a theme, you get assured customer support and even extra features. And what’s more, your site won’t look like the guy next door’s – 'cause its unique.

1. Divi

One of the best premium themes is – Divi – no surprise.

Divi is a multi-purpose theme which can be used for anything at all. It's exactly what Divi says – Build your next masterpiece.

Divi has many pre-built templates and layouts, which can be used for just about any niche or broad industry.

All these pre-built layouts have one thing in common- they look stunning.

divi visual editor

The star of this show is the powerful Divi Page Builder – you just have to drag and drop. This really allows you to customize each and every aspect, in real-time and on the front-end.

This easily lets you know how the outcome looks with every tweak. You get what you see.

I tested the speed of websites using this theme, and the results are pretty much below 2 seconds.

Divi theme speed

The latest Divi update is perfectly designed keeping the marketing savvy clients in mind – and you can easily perform A/B split-tests without buying additional third-party software.

The smart split testing option automatically tracks the user engagement metrics and help you choose the winner.

Other than that, the regular features include total translation of 32 languages, both in back-end and front-end places. There is RTL reading support available and Sucuri certified theme.

With so many great features, is there something missing?

Cons of Divi theme

Divi has so many layouts and the number of choices can potentially overwhelm you. If you are an extremely non-techie person, then Divi will be a beautiful theme for you. But from the developers’ point-of-view, Divi isn’t a favorite among developers.

This is because Divi’s page builder employs all the drag and drop changes in the form of short codes. Which means, if you are ever to change the theme, your content will be flooded in a sea of short codes.

It’ll look something like this.

divi shortcode mess

To curb this problem, Elegant themes introduced the Divi Builder plugin which can be used with any WordPress theme.

Did that solve the issue?

Ehhhhhh... partially. 

divi page builder plugin

With the plugin, you can continue using it on other WordPress themes, but the main part is that you need to keep the plugin activated. It's again a matter of shortcode lock-down difficulty...

Schema is an incredibly fast loading theme specialized for online news and magazine portals.

It is extremely SEO friendly and minimalistically designed.

Pros of Schema theme

The best part of this theme is probably how rich snippets are included in its clean code. There is so much clarity for the search engine bots, that they can easily crawl and render your site.

schema rich snippet

One of the sites using Schema theme has a loading speed of slightly more than 2 seconds, which is still acceptable. It is the page size which is worth nothing, i.e less than 2 MB.

Schema theme speed

When you have the absolute best algorithm friendliness, you earn high page views, user-friendliness and even social media share.

What more does a blogger need?

A bonus reason on why you should use the Schema theme is that there is an in-built ad management section.

schema theme ad manager

Here, you can add all the necessary codes or tracking ids and see results without any hassle.

Other regular features include mobile responsiveness, built-in review system (rich snippets), Translation support and social share buttons. After integration with WooCommerce, schema becomes a content marketing tool for you to yield.

Cons of Schema theme

The downsides of Schema can’t really be called “downsides”. This theme is an extremely text heavy site. It is designed for the writing industry – be it content marketing, blogs, magazines or new. Schema is useless if you want a fancy website or build visually appealing sites – like photography.

Avada is another multi-purpose theme which is very popular right now. It has been the best-selling theme in Theme Forest for 6 years now.  By purchasing Avada at $60, you get

  • 45 pre-made fully featured websites
  • 275 pre-made web page designs
  • And 6 premium plugins worth $200.
avada theme overview

Being a multi-purpose theme, Avada can be used for just about any business. It is highly flexible and customizations can be made at one click.

Sounds too good to be true?

Neah, not exactly.

Cons of Avada theme

The page builder of Avada (known as Fusion Builder) is situated in the back-end. Which means you cannot see how the front-end looks after adding a bit of customizations.

This is a frustrating and a real-time waster feature.

avada cons

All the settings are situated in the back-end s well, which again is frustrating and time consuming.

And Avada, despite being a popular choice, isn’t actually that good in SEO terms. With so many features which you are never gonna se or even need, Avada becomes a popular bloated theme. The page size of a live site is more than 2 MB and loads in more than 2 Secs as well..

Avada theme speed

And when you compare this with Divi’s?

Nuh huh

SEO WP is a WordPress theme built having digital marketing agencies in mind. You can create powerful corporate sites, portfolios or marketing blogs with it.

seo wp pros

One of the live SEO WP sites tested had a loading time of 2.77 seconds, but the page size was extremely optimized. It was in KBs!

SEO WP theme speed

This theme is also sold in the Envato market. After the purchase of $59, you also get 10 premium plugins as a bonus.

You can choose just about any kind of page designs, any style of header and footer designs. The best feature of this theme is that there is a live customizer. This is a huge time saver and you can simply drag and drop in the front-end as you please.

One thing worth mentioning is that there is a dedicated PPC management section integrated along with this theme.

Other regular features include social shares, responsiveness and fast loading speed.

There are at least one updates made per month.

Cons of SEO WP theme

On the slightly less sunny side:

  • Some of the premium plugins have compatibility issues
  • RTL reading is not supported – which means one step less towards a wide audience reach.
  • And, you become dependent on these plugins. Complete dependency is never fully recommended, and with compatibility issues, it’s even less recommended.

Newsmag is just another WordPress theme for news and magazine sites, except that unlike Schema, Newsmag can be used for editorial photography sites as well.

Pros of Newsmag theme

Newsmag is the best rated news theme till now. It has a responsive interface and a special compact grid which looks more newsy. The display is retina ready. The page size of a live site is great.. it's in KBs. While the overall speed and size is definitely more than 2 secs and MB, it has a great performance score.

Newsmag theme speed

Some of the most flexible features include the “flex block” in which you can make endless combinations. There are 9 unique styles to present your content.

newsmag theme layouts

With the purchase of the Newsmag theme, you get a bunch of other useful premium widgets – like weather widget, exchange widget and social shares, of course.

Just like Schema, Newsmag has an ad management system integrated in the theme. The only difference is that here, you have 10 pre-defined ad spots and 5 custom ad spots. This means greater ad visibility and more income.

newsmag ad visibility

Cons of Newsmag theme

The downsides of Newsmag include no RTL reading support and audio posting.


ROSA is a theme exclusively for restaurants and hotels. The most striking feature is that there is a immersive parallax effect in the homepage. This really captures the viewers’ attention and with elegant food photography, you can create wonders. The loading time of one live site was under 1 second, which is great. The page size is more than 2 MB, but since this is a restaurant theme, it is understandable.

ROSA theme speed

The menus are nicely formatted and the aesthetics are visually appealing. Most restaurant websites have a very plain looking and non-interactive pdf file as a substitute for meus. ROSA takes care of that.

The theme is made in a way in which it can take online orders and reserve tables.

rosa online order

The style manager creates a subtle hue overall effect on your website. Colors play an important role in the food industry, and ROSA does it too. You can use the live customizer plugin and see real-time changes on the front-end.

ROSA is fully compatible with WPML plugin and uses 600+ Google fonts

Cons of ROSA

The downsides of ROSA are that you have to use the theme as it is. You can customize them, but you cannot customize them to a great extent.

Astra is a free WordPress theme which you can download from WordPress.org anytime. I know I said premium themes are better than the free ones, but hear me out.


This theme is built for speed. It is incredibly lightweight and a very strong contender for this list.

Astra is a multi-purpose theme. You have many pre-built layouts where you just have to add your content and you’ll be good to go.

One live site using Astra performed exceptionally well: less than 2 secs to load and less than 2 MB in size.

astra theme speed

The main advantage of using Astra is that you don’t need a special page builder for it. You can use Beaver Builder or Thrive Architect or Elementor or even Divi! This removes the major obstacle most flexible themes face.

The Astra PRO offers great customer support and even more options to fully customize your WordPress. You also get extensive WooCommerce integrations and ways to provide online courses in a fluid way.

astra online classes


These were the 7 Fastest WordPress themes available in 2019. Have you tried any of these above themes? How was your experience? Do let me know in the comments below!

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