How to Add a Currency Converter in WordPress?

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If your business is serving the international customer, you will be having a lot of international traffic on your WordPress website. So it is always important that you make it easier for them to purchase, or compare the products and services. So, it’s necessary to add a currency converter in WordPress

A currency converter can be added through a simple WordPress plugin which appears on any page or sidebar to convert the currency according to the settings.

A currency converter in WordPress helps customers to look for the prices in their currency. It makes it convenient for them to look, compare and buy.  And I don’t think you want them to leave the site and open the calculator to calculate the price of every product that they like.

So, add a currency converter in any WordPress website through these easy steps:

  • Open the plugin section and click on Add new. You can go for any plugin you like as long as it has a good number of installations, is recently updated and receives some good reviews. I am using CXB Currency converter. It is a very user-friendly plugin, where you can arrange your widgets, or go on some specific page, to get started they have few steps and its easy for beginners also. So, search for CXB currency converter, install and activate.


  • Now it will start showing in your Settings panel, so click on it, and the settings section will open. You will see a general settings section where you can change the layout, decimal places etc.

  • Then click on calculator layout settings. Where you need to set up, you want a currency converter in WordPress from which currency to which.  You can also put some default amount for customers to understand, and can change the name if you want to.


  • Click on list layout settings to set which currency your listing will be in and to what all currency options you need.  Here also you can change the name, decimal places, default amount.
     Customize it according to your website, as I did for mine.
    Once everything is done, click on save changes.

Currency converter in Sidebar as a widget
  • Now for displaying it as a widget on your sidebar, hover over the appearance menu and click on widgets option. In the widget settings drag the currency converter to the sidebar and place it.

  • And the currency converter in WordPress website will start appearing on your sidebar.
    Go to your website and check it.

Currency converter on a page

  • Now, if you don’t want it in your sidebar and want to set it up on some specific page, you have to copy the shortcode given below.  Paste it in your content editor. The shortcode is just for this plugin. Don’t usually worry plugins mention their shortcodes in their description or settings. Shortcode: [cbcurrencyconverter]

  • After pasting this shortcode, click update. It will appear something like this!

Congratulations!  Your currency converter in WordPress is all done, and you can go and have a look on your WordPress website.


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