How to add an Exit Pop up to WordPress website?

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Adding an Exit pop up
 in a WordPress website works in a way that whenever a customer is about to exit the website, the pop-up appears offering something valuable to the customer which might change his mind or keep him interested in the website. It can be used as an opt-in plugin for WordPress to grow your email marketing list. So why is it important to add an exit pop up to WordPress website?

In my own experience, I have observed that having an exit pop-up for my WordPress website has improved my bounce rate as well as given a small increase to my sales.

How to add an Exit Pop up to WordPress website?

  • Go on your side menu bar, hover over the plugins option.  You will notice various options, click on the Add New option. Or open plugins tab and you will see an Add New button; you can add plugins from there also. 
  • Search for Exit Pop Up; I am using this as it’s a free plugin which has more installations. And it has been recently updated also. It goes with my version of WordPress. Always try to keep these three things in mind before installing any plugin. Install the Exit pop up plugin by clicking on the install now option.  There are more plugins which are paid but have some really good features which help you in customizing your pop up more. Such as:

  • After the plugin is installed, click on activate, so that the plugin can be set up.
  • Now that the plugin is activated, it will appear in your installed plugins section.
    Hover over the settings option from the side menu bar, and click on exit pop up option coming at the enof the list.
  • In the exit pop-up settings, you can now customize your pop up accordingly. They have given various examples which makes it easier to understand.

    I have used 30% as the size as I wanted a small pop-up. Also, have customized the messages like “wait! Don’t Just Leave Yet!” and “Thank You! Visit Again”. You can use any catchy and interesting phrase for your website.

  • Now the Body has to be in HTML, but don’t worry if you don’t know it. You can use the example one as a reference and make changes according to your text. It’s easy to make changes and understand the code.
    When you are done making changes, click on Save Changes.

  • Done! Your Exit pop up is up and going on your WordPress website. It will appear something like this on your website.

These were the steps to add an exit pop up to WordPress website. Similarly, a login pop-up can be created to effective login on WordPress. If you have any issues regarding the same, you can always raise a ticket, and our developers will get back to help you.

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