How to Add a Mortgage Calculator in WordPress?

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A mortgage calculator in WordPress is an automated tool which helps to calculate mortgage payments, amortization period, with interest rate and down payment.

This is usually very useful for real estate websites, where customers can easily check whether they can afford the property or not, and how much is it going to cost them.

Steps to set up mortgage calculator in WordPress are-

  • Firstly, we need to install a plugin to set up the mortgage calculator in WordPress. Go into the Plugins section and click on Add New. Search for the responsive mortgage calculator. You can use any plugin; I prefer this as its easy to set up and also is a free plugin which fulfils my requirements with a good number of installations and recently updated. So, go ahead and search, install and activate.



  • Once activated, it will start appearing in your Settings menu something like this, click on it to open the responsive mortgage calculator in WordPress and set it up for the website.

  • In the default values mention the example amounts for the total amount, down payment, interest rate and period.

  • You can change the calculator settings regarding currency symbol, format, compound interest period, number format etc.

  • From Payment Period settings, you can set up the payment method. The mortgage calculator has the option to set it up from annually to weekly.

  • Save the changes, and you will see a shortcode over the top of the page. Copy it.

  • Paste it in the page content editor of whichever page you want it to display on and click update.

  • The mortgage calculator in WordPress will start appearing something like this, check it out.

  • If you want to set it up as a widget in the sidebar, hover over appearance and click on widgets, you have to drag responsive mortgage calculator tag to sidebar list.

  • Your mortgage calculator in WordPress will start to show as a widget in the sidebar.


Congratulations! Your mortgage calculator in WordPress is in action now, on the page and the sidebar. If you still have some issues while setting this up, raise a ticket, and our developers will get back to you.


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