How to add PayPal donate button in WordPress?

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If you are running a charity or a non-profit organization, it is crucial to have some monetary support from those people who believe you are trying to make this world a better place.

It then becomes necessary to add a PayPal donation button on your website so that your supporters can donate it to either you or the company account.

But before I teach you how to add a PayPal donate button, you need to have an SSL certificate. This certificate makes the connection secure and hackers won’t have the access to supporters’ sensitive details such as credit card number and CVV.

So let’s teach you how to add a PayPal donate button on your WordPress website.

PayPal Donations plug-in

  • Install the PayPal Donations plugin first. It is an incredibly light plug-in with top ratings in the plugin directory.

  • Activate the plugin and go to its Settings.
  • In the General Configurations setting, insert your PayPal email or Secure Merchant ID.

  • Mention the currency unit in which you will be accepting donations.
  • There will be additional settings such as Page Style, Return Page, and Purpose which are optional.
  • You may choose the default amount to be donated or the purpose and references if any.
  • The final step in adding a PayPal donate button is to select a donate icon style for the button.

  • Now click on the save settings button and behold, your Paypal donations button is ready!

We would like to add that this is the easiest method of adding a Paypal donate button to your WordPress website. There are other methods too. If you would like assistance in adding Paypal donate button, please feel free to contact us.

If you would like to add brochures or reports about how your charity is making a difference in this world, click here!

In case you face any difficulty while performing these steps, please raise a support ticket.

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