How to add a private post in WordPress?

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In this article, you will learn How to add a private post in WordPress?

You now know how to schedule and backdate your WordPress posts through the “Publish immediately” option available at the Publish Settings. Did you know that you can also make a post private or protected?

Difference between private and protected post

  • If you enable the “private post” in the publish setting, you might think it was as simple as that. It’s not. When you view your site and use the search bar to search for anything, you can see your post visible to everyone.

I have searched for the letter P to demonstrate here.

  • Creating a protected post doesn’t make the post visible to exclusive people neither.

Create a private post in WordPress

  • So let us try installing the free plugin named Unlist Posts.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I understand that this plugin has just 40 active users right now, but the plugin named “Unlist my posts” and pages was last updated a year ago and it is untested with the current version of WordPress. To avoid compatibility issues and overall functionality of your site, I instruct you to install and activate Unlist my post.

  • Now go back to the post you were drafting. You can scroll down and see the checkbox to make this particular post unlisted.

  • You can keep the visibility as Public and yet your post will be unlisted. You can try and see it for yourself.

  • If you change the visibility to Private and enable the Unlisting option, your post is still unlisted and not visible to everyone.
  • Now go back and see all your posts.
  • A new column is created by this plugin, and it shows you which posts are unlisted.


You can also see that even though two other posts are marked Password protected and private, they are still not unlisted, and are hence, visible to everyone.

Now that your post is truly private go ahead and share the permalink of the post with your friends. Only these people can see the post open up for them exclusively.

It’s crucial to understand the differences between private, protected and unlisted posts. They may sound the same, but it’s only the unlisted posts which makes it truly private.

In case you faced any difficulty in posting your post privately, please feel free to contact us.


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