How to add a YouTube video gallery in WordPress?

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So you’ve just posted your first blog post already. Great! Now it’s time to add a YouTube video gallery as your next blog post.

Wanting to get as many views as possible for your YouTube channel is a natural goal to aim for. One of how you can increase your views is to showcase your videos on your website. If you are thinking of uploading those bulky videos onto your server solves the problem, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Why? Because your bandwidth speed and SEO ranking will be significantly low.

So the best way to make your viewers watch your YouTube videos quickly and without any interruption is to embed them. In the WordPress CMS, it’s incredibly easy to install activate and embed YouTube videos for free.

Embedding Youtube videos requires the installation and activation of plugins. There are reputed gallery plugins which offer this very feature only in their paid version, but there is a free plugin available for this very feature.

Steps to add a YouTube video gallery:

Installing YouTube plugin

  • Look up at the plugin named YouTube Free in the plugin directory.
  • Go over to your Admin dashboard. There will be a menu given in the sidebar named plugins.

  • Hover your cursor over the Plugins. You will find three new options being created.
  • Click on Add New.
  • Go over to the plugin search directory and type YouTube Free.

  • Install and activate it. We had the plugin installed and activated already.
  • As soon as you activate it, you find a new option added in the dashboard sidebar named YouTube Free.

  • You will also see a little extension over your editing space as you open the text editor to write a new post.

Adding a new YouTube embed

  • To add a new youtube embed video or playlist, click on the button mentioned above.

  • Choose what kind of video you would like to embed: Playlist, Single Video, Video Gallery etc.
  • For now, click on the embed a playlist option.

  • You can now see the instructions displayed on how to add your playlist. An example of what kind of link is acceptable, click on the “Example link” given right next to the first step.
  • For valid embedding, make sure the URL has the letters PL after the “/playlist?=” a segment of the complete URL.

  • Now copy and paste the playlist URL in the space provided and press the Enter button.
  • The next step looks like this:

  • Click on the Insert Playlist button, and you can see the embed code posted in your editing space.
  • IMPORTANT: the [embedyt] and [/embedyt] parts of the embed code must be removed before you publish or preview changes. You can see it in red in the screenshot below.

If you do not erase the portions mentioned above, your post will show up like this:


If you remove the [embedyt] and [/embedyt] parts, it looks like this:

Congratulations, you have succeeded to add a YouTube video gallery to your WordPress website!

To have the maximum number of views of your videos, it’s a smart idea to add a tweet button so that the Twitterverse can see your video.

I hope these steps were followed with no difficulty. In case any complications have arisen while performing these steps, please feel free to contact us.



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