How to add background image for your WordPress website?

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Adding a background image on your WordPress website is essentially something which AMPS up the look and feel of your website. It is not always necessary that you have to add a background image; it really depends on your content. If you are a food blogger or maintain a travel blog, it is a good idea to have an image related to it.

But if you own a business that likes to keep things minimal and clean, it’s better to not have any background image.

Keeping a background image to your homepage or any page is simple. So today, let’s teach you how to add an image in your background.

Steps to add a background image

  • If you are viewing how your site looks to your users, then click on the Customize option available on the top bar.

  • If you are in your Dashboard, click or hover over to the Appearances and choose Background. Your Customizer will start loading.

  • Currently, your background image will show as no image selected. Click on the Select image and you will be taken to your Media library.

  • Choose an image or upload it.

  • You can see the preview of how the background actually looks like to the viewers. You can also change how you want the background to appear—fill the screen, stretch, repeat, fit to screen, default etc.

We have selected Gigi Hadid’s picture because we love her. We have also chosen to repeat the background image.

  • You may also decide if you would like to have the image centered towards the corners or edges.
  • Now hit the Publish button on the top.

Congratulations, your website now looks prettier than before!

We hope you had no problems to follow our steps. In case of any complications arising during this process, please feel free to contact us.

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