How to change your WordPress password?

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Sometimes you forget your WordPress password. That’s completely understandable. I forgot mine a couple of times too. So today, let’s teach you how to change your WordPress password in the two easiest methods.

How to change your WordPress password?

Forgot password

  • The easiest method to change your WordPress password is to click on the “Lost your password?” at the bottom of your login page.

  • You will then be prompted to enter your registered email id where they can send you the reset password link.
  • Follow the link, enter your new password and hit the Confirm Button to update your profile.

Change your WordPress password

The next method to change your password is to log in to your Admin Dashboard and browse over the Users section.

  • Select your Username out of the list of admins, and you will be directed to your Account Management section.

  • Here, you can see an empty bar corresponding to New Password.
  • Now before you set a new password, you need to remember that a strong password is extremely necessary, given the fact that any online site can be easily hacked.

  • To generate random strong passwords, click on the key icon and choose one. Now, either remember it or have it noted down somewhere safe.

  • Click on Update Profile and soon enough, a dialogue will appear on your screen notifying you that your profile has been successfully updated.

These steps will help you to change your WordPress password. I hope you found this tutorial useful and in case you face any complications during the process, please feel free to raise a ticket on

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