How to Create a Product Catalogue in WordPress

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Product catalogue in WordPress for any E-commerce website is crucial, as it helps in displaying your products clearly with description and prices. It also helps the customers to look for different options, compare and select the ones they want to purchase.

Product catalogue in WordPress can customized according to your website. There are various WordPress plugins available for doing the same.

I prefer and suggest using the Product catalogue on as its easy and very user-friendly. They also have examples for the questions so that beginners can also set up their product catalogue easily.

How to set up a product catalogue in WordPress

  • Firstly you need to install a plugin for setting up a product catalogue. So go in the add new plugins window and install Product Catalogue plugin.  

  • Once the plugin is installed and activated, it will appear in your side menu bar. Click on it to set up your catalogue. You will see a Dashboard like this.


  • Now there are two ways you can go; one is first set up the catalogue than add products and categories. Or you can add categories and products first so that you can easily set up the catalogue.I prefer going through the later process. So, let’s set up different categories that you want in your product catalogue in WordPress.

    Setting Product Category and Sub Category

    Click on the categories section in the top menu bar and fill in the name and description. You can also upload some image by clicking on upload image option. Once all of that is done click on add new category and your category will start showing on the right side.

  • If you want to set up some sub-category in any of the categories, click on sub-categories option in the top menu bar. Fill out the details and select the parent category in which this sub-category has to be created. to finish click on add new sub-category.

Adding products to various categories

  • Now there are again two ways you can add new products. First is manual, this is recommended when there are only a few products to be added. Click on products option from the top menu bar. Mention the details you want to add like name, slug, upload image, price, sale price. If any sale is there, category, sub-category etc. When all the information is set click on add new product. Your product will appear in the products panel on the right-hand side.

  • Another method to add new products is through a spreadsheet, it’s easier and can be used when you have to upload a good number of products at once. You need to create a spreadsheet and take care that you use the column titles names are the same as the field names for products (ex: Name, Price, etc.) and that any categories and subcategories are written the same as they are online.

  • Then click on add new product using a spreadsheet. Find an option given in the later section of the products section. Click on choose file option to upload the spreadsheet and then click on add new product button.

  • The product list will start appearing. If it doesn’t appear then check on top of the page if there is any problem you will be notified and make the changes and try again.

Setting up the Catalogue

  • Now, to add the catalogue, click on the catalogues section on the top menu bar. Mention name and description of the catalogue and then click on add new catalogue.

  • Go to the catalogue and click on edit option. You will notice products and categories listed, select all and click on add to catalogue.


  • Set the basic settings for the catalogue from the options section. You can also edit the product catalogue in WordPress appearance through styling section which requires a premium version of the plugin. So though default is also useful if you don’t want to go for a premium version.


  • Once all the settings set, copy the shortcode of the catalogue from the list. Paste it on the page content editor of whichever page you want your catalogue to show.

You can check out your product catalog on WordPress website. Click on the product to see the description of the product.


Congratulations, you have set up your product catalogue in WordPress. You can also add zoom in your WordPress images to provide more clarity about products.

If you still find any issues, you can always raise a ticket, and our developers will get back to you.


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