How to optimize images on WordPress?

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As you know, images on any website are the basic assets as it makes your site more lively and interesting. They keep your visitor engaged also draws more audience.

But the biggest disappointment is when those images don’t load up on time and make your website look slow. This not only takes the traffic away but also gives them a bad user experience. This can lead to losing potential customers.

These are the reasons why we optimize images on WordPress website. By optimising images, we mean decreasing or compressing your file sizes without affecting quality. Which This ultimately helps in your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

So, let’s take a look at how you can optimize images on Wordpress.

  • Go to your add new plugins section and search forcompress JPEG & PNG images. This plugin is something I recommend as it takes 2-3 steps to set up and then is easier to use. Just one click and all your images are optimized within a few minutes. Don’t worry it works in the background so it won’t be interrupting the ongoing work.


  • Once the plugin is installed, click on the activate button option. Register yourself to receive an API key.

  • As soon as you register, it sends a mail to your mentioned email address. Open that email and click on the activate your account option.

  • You will notice that an option of bulk optimization starts to appear in your media section. Click on the bulk optimization.

  • A screen like this will appear, and the plugin has automatically generated information like the number of images, image sizes etc. So, to optimize them click on start bulk optimization and the process will start.As it’s a free version, you are allowed only a certain number of pictures (like for ex: 500 in my case). But if you need to optimize more images, you can get the premium version of the plugin.


  • In a few minutes, the optimization will finish.

The optimized images on WordPress starts appearing on your website. Your website images are now optimized.

Now you can also know the past size and present size of the images and how much did you save.
You can also zoom images in WordPress to provide better clarity about the details in the images.


If you still have any problems or queries, you can raise a ticket on, and our developers will get back to you shortly.


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