How to Create a WordPress Login Popup?

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Sometimes you want customers to log in first on the website and then explore it. It can be done through a WordPress login popup, page or a login option.

Then why a login popup for a WordPress website??

Through a WordPress login popup modal customers can log in quickly without even leaving the page they are on which makes your website user-friendly and faster which leads to an increase in user engagement and enhancement, and therefore, an increase in conversions and sales.

It can be set up on any page or each page. You can also add your social media buttons to a WordPress login popup modal so that it makes it easier for the customer to log in as well as follow you on various social media.

So, let’s start setting up your WordPress Login Pop-Up Modal:

  • You will need to add a plugin for this feature, so let’s add a plugin. Go to plugins option and click on add new.
  • Search for CSH Login plugin, and click on install now. It has a lesser number of installations, but it is easier and is recommended to use.
  • After you have activated the plugin, you can find it in your side menu bar as Modal Login. Click on it, and then you can adjust the settings.

  • Select a modal login type. In the paid version you can go for the pop-up option, or else drop down and link to default are also available.
  • In this, you can have users generate their passwords. If you want your users to redirect to some other URL for login/log out, you can manage that also through settings.
  • Now you need to choose a layout, display labels, background color, button color, link color etc, in the style section.

  • Furthermore, you can add registration email, social media buttons, Google ReCaptcha and more, to avoid spammers.

  • Once all this is done, click on save changes. The page will reload, and you will find a shortcode. Copy that shortcode.

  • Paste it in content editor of any existing or new page, where you want login pop-up to display. Do not forget to click on the Update button.

  • Now that the WordPress login popup is in action, you can go to your WordPress website to see it working. It would appear something like this.

If you want to set up an Exit popup instead of WordPress login popup, it looks amazing and interests customers too.

I hope this helped you to set up a WordPress login popup modal. In case you face any issues, please raise a ticket, and our developers will get back to help you.


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