How to Zoom Images in WordPress Website?

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Running a WordPress website involves uploading many pictures of different- different sizes, as images make your website more interactive and informative. But, sometimes you need to zoom images in WordPress website, to provide a clear view to the customers, for many small details. The more clarity they have, the more they trust your website.

There are various plugins available to zoom images in WordPress Website, but WordPress itself already provides the easiest way. The zoom in feature is not enabled automatically for images on WordPress. You have to enable it from your page content editor for each picture.

How to zoom images in WordPress

  • So, firstly go to edit page and there in content editor select the image you want to add zoom feature in. Then click on magnifying glass symbol on top. Then click update.

  • Voila! Check out the magnifying or zoom images on WordPress website! Here is more clarity to your customers. Now that you know how to zoom images in WordPress, you can also add product catalogue in WordPress to give customers more options.

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