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“The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiarwords and pictures into new relationships.


-Leo Burnett, Founder of Leo Burnett Company Inc.

Who are we?

We are Wpmail. We have helped over 100 startups globally to become self-sufficient, and employing even more. We know it’s damn tough to be the sole person in your startup (most probably in your garage) trying to do all the roles of many department any company has. That is why the world needed someone like us. Like Wpmail.

We provide extremely affordable services and care for you, your business and our relationship as if you are one of us.

One of the many services we provide is landing page copywriting, and right now, you are looking for one.

But before we start all the serious discussion about how we make the perfect landing page copy for you, let's talk about landing pages itself.

Are landing pages worth it? What constitutes a great conversion optimised landing page?

Why does Google Ads Rank depend heavily on landing pages quality?

If there is any company in this world who values user experience more than anything else, it's Google.

One of the factors capable in either elevating or diminishing your Google Ad Rank is landing page quality. What is that?

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    Is your landing page relevant to the product you were advertising about?
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    Can your landing page guide the customer easily through the whole process?
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    Do your customers actually stay and at least skim through the whole copy before deciding to buy or not? If he didn't buy your product, did he "bounce" away immediately?

Fun facts about landing pages:

  • Only 16% of companies around the world succeed in keeping visitors in the landing page only by not keeping navigation bars. This is bad because this number should be way more 
  • 48% of landing pages contain more than one offer. This is bad because confusing the customers with too many offers actually decreases conversion rate by 266%!!
  • Companies with 40+ landing pages gather 12 times more leads than those with less than 5 landing pages!
  • Long-form landing pages can generate up to 220% more leads! The bigger and higher quality copy always wins!

We can increase your leads by 55% by practicing only the best proven strategies in your landing page... at JUST (originally $49.99) $19.99 per 500 word copy!

               "Mutually beneficial relationship"

Working with Wpmail was a pleasure... we’re a very time management focused company and so, getting prompt responses with top-class content developed has been a great experience. Looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with them, again.

-Lora Hopkins

Let us show you how exactly do we work WITH you than FOR you.

As soon as you give us the topic of your landing page, we follow the cardinal rules of copywriting:

1. Research and research more

Picture this -Your best friend knows every nuances of your behavior and mindset. If you had a bad day, your bestie can already wonder what went wrong at work…or perhaps you forgot to bring eggs again. In short: He knows you. Really knows you.

That is what we strive to achieve for you. We dig deep into your industry and services or products you offer. We become become best friend. And then we dig deeper  to really really know your customers' mindsets and nuances. It's only then that we understand how to lure the money out from their pockets. They buy your products. 

 And not just that, we even research the keywords  your customers' are most likely to use  to click on your ad. This is how we make your copy SEO optimised.

2. Craft the headline

Any headline in any copy has the same root features:

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    Compact  (Maximum 10 words)
  • check
    Eye-catchy. (It must grab your attention.)
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    And finally, make your curiosity bubble and click on “Read More..” button

Okay. But what makes landing pages’ headlines special?

  • check
    They must speak to the very psyche of your consumer
  • check
    They must provide a quick solution to the problem they are experiencing
  • check
    They must feel you are trustworthy.

In how many words? Less than 10 words. We can do that for you. Our copywriters have good understanding of words and human psychology, so rest assured.

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Our copywriters have good understanding of words and human psychology, so rest assured.

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3. Craft sub-headlines

Headlines speak to the customer. Sub-headlines converse with the customer.

A landing page copy with just headlines and no sub-headlines is like having a hand with no thumbs. We make sure both headlines and sub-headlines go with the flow in an orderly and clean fashion. In short  we converse (to and fro communication) rather than speak (one way speech) with your customers.

"We converse rather than speak with your customers."

"Relentless services" 

Being in the business for client servicing we need to develop too much content too quickly, Wpmail has always been there to deliver their services and has always won us over. Thank you Wpmail for your relentless services.

- Stephen Gregory

Image with hover effect

4. Paragraph

The “paragraph” part of any conversion optimised landing page is what keeps the readers grounded to your page.
We draw simple comparisons  between your service in common-but- never-thought-of ways (just like how we talked about thumbs and sub- headlines) to create pictures in your customers' mindsets. 

Image description goes here

5. Landing page wireframe 

If you already use a sales funnel builder, then we shall provide only the copy. If you do not use any such software, then we shall provide you a wireframe of the landing page layout.

In this wireframe, we shall be mentioning where exactly the various elements of text, images and buttons shall be. We shall also mention other vital points about how to generate better quality leads and how to increase your conversion rates better.

6. Finally, we format your copy

We make it look pretty and readable. We highlight certain words which when read can quickly provide the gist of the whole copy

If you can find any other landing page copywriting service which would provide this much value and care to each of your landing pages at just $19.99 per 500 words, let us know.

Why must choose us?

You must choose us because:

  • No other landing page copywriter would take so much effort and dedication in writing your landing pages. When we say we care for you, we truly do
  • We charge just $19.99 for ALL this --> headline, sub-headline, body copy, landing page wireframe PLUS SEO-optimised copy. That’s less than your weekly grocery expenses.
  • We give a maximum of 2 revisions for every write up you order at no extra cost.
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    We always deliver on time i.e, within 2-3 business days.
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    We do not charge extra for so-called premium content for the same number of words.
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    This great value-for-money pack is will be valid for only a few hours.

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